Specialist Hosing & Vacuum Tubing

SAMCO®Silicone Products manufacture a vast range of silicone hoses for all non-automotive applications. With more than 15 years manufacturing experience we feel confident in fulfilling any requirement that you may have. Working alongside our sister company, SAMCO® Sport, places us in a strong market and technical position. These rugged, handmade silicone hoses are ideal for use where environmental temperature is an issue. Typical markets include the MOD, Agriculture, London Underground and many more.

For all inquiries please contact our sales team. If you are interested in any of the SAMCO® Sport range then please contact us for discounted prices.

To see the range of standard automotive hoses go to www.samcosport.com

Specialist Hosing and Vacuum Tubing

SAMCO® Sport Vacuum Tube.

For years we have been manufacturing vacuum tube for our sister company, SAMCO® Sport, which has been, and is, distributed all around the world as part of their hose kits. Extruded in a 70’ shore hardness silicone rubber and available in many colours. Please see chart below for standard colours which are readily available from stock. Common sizes range from 3mm to 9mm internal diameter, and available as coils or in packs. We can also supply tube in luminous, tinted or metallic colours, please ask for prices and lead times.

Range of available colours:
Colors available
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