Self Amalgamating Tape

Clean non-toxic and autoclavable stretch silicone tape that forms to irregular component shapes. Extremely versatile with excellent electrical insulating properties and offering high protection against severe environmental conditions, an almost unlimited number of applications in the laboratory, maintenance shop, service bay and home. Silwrap is manufactured from a specially formulated silicone elastomer to provide a self-bonding, self-curing insulation. Bonding does not depend on a surface coating of adhesive which can collect dust, dirt and other contaminants as with traditional tapes, it is not tacky to the touch and will not bond to other surfaces, cures to a permanent inseperable insulator at room temperature. Temperature range -60°C to 200°C continuous (250°C intermittent.

Silwrap is a superior alternative to heat shrink tubings and plastic masking tapes, ideal for:

  • Sharp object protection in laboratory and process areas.
  • Clean, sterile high temperature electrical insulation.
  • Hand tool, hot / cold and electrical insulation.
  • Anti-slip protection for ladder rugs and hand holds.
  • Sealing off air conditioning and hot air duct joints.
  • Masking to crucial machined parts during powder coating, plating and finishing operations.
  • Available in clear, white, grey and red
  • width 25.4mm, thickness 0.5mm length 12ft (TBC)

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